March 10, 2017

guest chef: Brett Graham

For Brett Graham, chef at The Ledbury, reducing waste is not just an ethical imperative; it’s the source of culinary revelation.

Graham’s resourcefulness extends beyond a “nose-to-tail” (and “head-to-fin”) approach to ingredients. Sometimes, it takes the shape of vegetable varieties that are overlooked in the culinary world—like white beetroots, which Graham buys from farmers to reduce the waste left on their fields. Even diners get involved with the restaurant’s food waste initiatives; a new compost bin turns waste into bags of compost that are given to customers for use in home gardens.

For his addition to the wastED London menu, Chef Graham served “Hake Head Saved from the Crab Trap,” a brilliant ode to bycatch that included waste components like cabbage cores, spent brewer’s grain, and smoked fish skin.

Brett Graham's "Hake Head Saved from the Crab Trap." Photo by The Upcoming @theupcoming