March 15, 2017

wastED ingredient: veal

Whey, buttermilk, expired dairy: we’ve come to expect these byproducts of the dairy industry. But what about veal?

Since male dairy calves don’t produce milk (they do drink a lot of their mother’s milk), they’re often viewed as waste on the dairy farm: many are killed immediately after birth, or raised in confinement for the veal industry.

For wastED London, we sourced surplus bull calves from dairy farms throughout Wales, including Holden Dairy Farm (a.k.a. Bwlchwernen Fawr Farm), the source of Hafod Organic Cheddar. These male calves were raised on pasture and fed whey from the farm’s cheese production.

Raised in the right way, veal is not only delicious; it also provides a new source of income for dairy farmers. Why not celebrate that on our menus?

Photo: Rescued Veal Nuggets with smoked tomato seconds ketchup, mango scrap and ginger mulch chutney, and ash mayonnaise.